• Why A Simple Prom Dress

    Why A Simple Prom Dress
    Maybe you’ve worn a flashy or out of the box prom dress before and want a change or it just isn’t your style. If you’re looking for a simple prom dress but don’t want to be drab, then you’ve come to the right place. We have some tips for standing out in a simple prom dress and still feeling confident and beautiful.  Simple Satin...
  • What Prom Dress Color Should You Wear?

    What Prom Dress Color Should You Wear?
    Other than the style and fit, the color of your prom dress should also play a role in your choice. Prom dresses come in a variety of colors, from soft neutrals to vibrant hues. White, black, beige, gray, royal blue, and other neutrals go well with just about anything. With bright colors like electric yellow, neon pink, or lime green, you’ll have to put...
  • What Type of Prom Dress Should You Wear?

    What Type of Prom Dress Should You Wear?
     Choosing a dress that complements your silhouette makes for the perfect fit.
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